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Edie Jane Eaton teaching a
2-Day or 3-Day TTouch Clinic Nov 11-13, 2017


Castle Ridge Keep is an equine breeding, boarding, physical therapy, rehabilitating and training facility, celebrating 20 years of service in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The owner and trainer, June Pedersen, says, "We are primarily a teaching barn. I have experience in many disciplines. I enjoy working closely with novice owners and green horses, helping them to grow together to develop equestrian skills as well as a deep bond between horse and rider.” Castle Ridge Keep has beginning to advanced clients doing gated horses, Morgan show horses as well as just pleasure riding.

June trains/teaches both horses and riders in driving, dressage and eventing. Ms. Pedersen has developed a training program she calls the European Longevity Method (ELM). Her training method is based on European principles, but includes a watchful eye on the symmetrical structure of both horse and rider. June explains, ”To reduce resistance in the horse I help both the horse and rider establish a clear communication. By reducing resistance, horses are sounder, healthier and happier which leads to a very long and productive life partnership between a horse and their human.” Click here to learn more about June.