Equine ongoing Training

July, Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd, 2016

Why an ongoing clinic?

Many people are unable to attend six-day clinics, and have already attended several three-day clinics. Although each clinic offers a different experience since the horses and their issues are different, there is usually not much chance to move on in any depth to more 'advanced' processes, such as ground driving, helping more challenging horses, or working with a rider and horse under saddle.

The ongoing clinic is intended to provide new experiences with these applications for those who have not had much - or any - prior chance to use them.

Attendance at an ongoing clinic in combination with an introductory clinic counts as completion of a six-day clinic.

For additional details and requirements

Instructor:  Edie Jane Eaton, International TTeam Instructor and Feldenkrais Practitioner

Cost:  $425 (Early bird $400 through June 8, 2016, Down payment $50.  All payments due by June 25th )
Lunch:  $10 Per day or $30 (optional)

Horses: Attendees DO NOT need to bring or own a horse to participate.

Location: Hosted by June Pedersen ,Castle Ridge Keep Farm, Crystal Lake, Il 8109 W. Hillside, Crystal Lake, Il 60012 (Click here for a listing of local hotels.)

Daily Schedule: Each day we will be from 9:00 to 5:00 including one morning and afternoon break as well as one hour for lunch.

Lunch Option: Catered at the farm $10.00 per day for a total of $30. Participants are welcome to bring their own lunch or leave the property to eat. (Please plan to return on time)  

Class Size: Limited to 15 students, be sure to reserve your space soon!  

Bring Your Horse: (Optional) If you would like to bring your horse, board is $25 per day per horse. Call June to make arrangements  (815) 405-9424

How To Pay: Checks only, Made out to Nancy Steinmeyer, e-mail her for an address. A simple $50 down payment will secure your spot during early sign up (before May 21st).  Personal checks are welcome. Registration Form: For questions  E-mail Nancy Steinmeyer

Cancellation policy: TTeam clinics are limited to approximately 15 people. Cancellations more than one month prior to the clinic will be refunded less a $25 handling fee. Refunds may not be given for cancellations less than 30 days before the clinic unless we can fill your space.

All final payments are due by Friday, June 25th.

Any Questions?: Ask Nancy Steinmeyer , Call 815-334-8825 or E-mail Nancy Steinmeyer

A Message from Edie Jane Eaton

General Description of TTouch provided by Edie Jane from: www.ListeningToWhispers.com

TTouch is a gentle, positive teaching method that combines bodywork and ground exercises to improve co-ordination and balance. Good physical balance positively influences emotional and mental states, helping animals to be calmer, and improving their ability to focus. They become better able to develop self-control and self-confidence - the lack of which underlies most undesirable behaviors and interferes with the ability to learn.

Developing healthy minds in healthy bodies increases the well- being and contentedness of our animals. Added benefits are the development of a deeper rapport between human and animal through mutual understanding and communication, and improved interactions with animal professionals - vets, groomers, etc. - by easing handling and diminishing stress (for both!).

With TTouch we can give back to our animals some of the immeasurable gifts they give us throughout their lives, improve their comfort as they age, and eventually ease their passing. It can be a great comfort for us to have something useful to do at times when we may feel helpless.

More About TTouch from www.TTouch.com:

TTouch for horses is a remarkable hands-on experience that includes TTouch body work, ground work, and Riding With Joy. TTouch results for horses include a deepening of trust between the human and the horse, and improving the horseís coordination, athletic ability and focus while the horse's handler / rider learns more about becoming safe, confident and skilled.

"What I really appreciated about the training," states one participant, "is that even though I didnít know a whole lot about horses, I felt supported. Everyone was kind, not judgmental. The week was filled with fun and laughter, and what I learned was beyond measure. I'll never look at a horse the same way; now I have 'TTouch eyes' to view these animals and their behavior. What a difference!"

Questions or for more information:
E-mail Nancy Steinmeyer