Equine Rehabilitation Services

Neglected & Starving
Lame on both front feet

Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Program:

With great success, June has been rehabbing horses physically and mentally for 40 years. She has studied the horse from form to function and rider interaction with the goal of sound happy useful pairings.   

June Pedersen has a Bachelorís degree in Animal Science, with an emphasis in nutrition, and a background in the biomechanical workings of a horse.  Using this information June has developed a reputation as a healer of damaged horses which is second to none. She has presented programs and workshops for horse groups throughout the Upper Midwest.  Additionally, June has worked as one of the offsite trainers and consultants for the Hooved Animal Humane Society.

June has claimed many successes proving that abused and neglected horses respond favorably to her slow and gentle training methods.  Ms. Pedersen also has an eye and solutions for horses with arthritis, structural problems and old or new injuries.  They are all part of the rehabilitation and therapeutic program she offers at Castle Ridge Keep

Problems may include:

Solutions may include:


       Equine structural issues

       Equine physical therapy

       Injuries old or new

       Equine Communication

       Emotional trauma

       Equine nutritional changes 

       Rider issues

       Rider exercises

       Body balance issues

       TTouch wraps and touches

       Horse and rider communication

       Possible Referrals for:

       Horse and driver communication

       Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy