The Rehabilitation of Trivia
Trivia Wins an Eme!
update: April 4, 2014
Read below to follow her progress beginning on October 16, 2013
Update: November 19, 2013
Update: December 17, 2013
Update: January 15, 2014
Update: January 30, 2014


Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Bay

Size: Approx. 15.3 hands

Age: Born 2006


Trivia has a small group of people who already have contributed to her rescue and rehabilitation.  Castle Ridge Keep genuinely appreciates any help and support for her on going needs.

Rehab costs could run as high as $8000 for the year.  It will be at least two months before we can evaluate her for a working home.


Before coming to Castle Ridge Keep for rehabilitation on the afternoon of October 16, 2013:

A concerned horse lover saw a skinny Thoroughbred mare for sale on Craig's List for $400.  She posted her findings on The Chronicle of the Horse.  There others began supporting her and pledging money for the horse's rescue.  Finally June Pedersen was contacted and agreed to step up with a rehabilitation home for the mare. 

On October 15th the woman who started this rescue went to see the mare.  At this time Trivia was purchased for $100 which was donated by benefactors.  The next day she was transported to Castle Ridge Keep.

The following is what we were told about Trivia’s background.  She was picked up at the track about two years ago and used for barrel racing. That owner said she was "the best horse he ever rode." They said she had vet care and worming, but not recently. There are no records on her of any sort.  Her original tattoo has been tattooed over distorting the last two numbers.

At the time of her purchase she was out in a smallish pen with a small run, one other horse and a goat. There was a grass round bale for food. It was observed that she has a roach in her back in front of the pelvis. She will need the  chiropractor. She looks very sound at the trot, despite her low weight, but is weak behind.

Day of Arrival 10-16-2013

October 16 2013- Upon arrival at Castle Ridge Keep, Trivia was so weak from the trailer ride she had a colic attack.  This was not severe. After reassuring her and letting her relax, she was able to eat hay and a bran mash.  She has a very sweet temperament and was relaxed and curious about her surroundings.

On examination June determined in addition to being severely underweight, she has locked SI joints on both sides and a frozen back with a roach.

10-17-2013 Pictures Below
11-19-2013 Click for pictures

12-17-2013 Click for pictures
1-15-2014 Click for pictures

Trivia was photographed for documentation.



Trivia's recovery will begin with the following steps

Problems: 10-16-13


Severely underweight

June figured her body score to be  1 1/2.  She needs to gain about 250 lbs.


Feeding Program:

A good feeding program takes time to avoid problems.

Her feed program consists of 4 small meals.  Morning and afternoon 2lbs Tribute Right solutions 14%.  Lunch and evening snack 1lb Tribute handful rice bran and calsmanna and beat pulp, hay alfalfa mix all day.

We will worm her when she gets a little stronger.

Locked SI Joint on both sides


Chiropractor when she is stronger
Locked and frozen back Chiropractor when she is stronger


Feet and dental when she is stronger

Pictures 11-19-2013

Problems: 11-19-13


Underweight - In the past month Trivia has gained about 100 pounds and has a body score of about 2 1/2

Feeding Program:

She is on full feed - three meals a day

Locked SI Joint on both sides
After about two weeks the Chiropractor was able to unlock both SI joints.
Locked and frozen back
Chiropractor also unlocked her back.
Maintenance - feet completed Her feet have been done she has an appointment with the dentist.

Notes: As Trivia is gaining weight and feeling better she is showing us a feisty side to her temperament.

June is predicting that when she is up to weight and muscled out she will be a very powerful horse suited for several different disciplines.

Pictures 12-17-2013

Front and back view after two months Back view from 10-17-13

Problems: 12-17-13


Underweight - Trivia continues to gain weight.  On this date her body score is estimated to be 3 1/2 Feeding Program: She is on full feed - three meals a day
Dental care She has an appointment with the dentist.
Notes: In January, Trivia, will begin a slow physical therapy program to rebuild her muscles.

Trivia Video


Pictures 1-15-2014

Problems: 1-15-14


Trivia continues to gain weight and her body score is now estimated at 4 ˝

Feeding Program: She is on full feed - three meals a day

Dental Care:

Trivia had her teeth done on 1-20-2014. She was very good for the dentist.  He reported that she has a good genetic mouth, although it has been several years since her teeth were done. He was also kind enough to give June a discount on his services to help support  her care.



Working Schedule: During the week of January 15, 2014 Trivia was longed for the first time. June was very pleased with her willingness to go to work and her attitude while working. She will be doing light lungeing twice a week, until she is ready for more.

First Ride: January 24th Trivia's first ride went very well.  To see it view the video below.

January Video: Lungeing and First Ride

Rehab Goal: We plan to sit on her for the first time, for a light ride, late in the week of January 21, 2014

Adoption!! June has noticed with steady food and consistent care Trivia’s sweet personality is coming to the forefront.  She is ready to have her own forever home with a new family who will understand and appreciate her great potential.

Matching horses with humans is something June has turned into an art. If you are interested in this special horse please contact her 815-405-9424. Maybe you are her right match?

April Update:
Trivia Wins an Eme and a New Name

We are delighted to announce that one of our young riders has fallen in love with Trivia, now known as AnnaBelle. From their very first ride together the feeling was clearly mutual.  “I have to say that she is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and I feel so honored that I can call her mine,” reported Eme, when asked if she had anything to say about her new horse.

AnnaBelle’s overall health and happiness continues to improve with each day. We are all very pleased that she will be living, working and learning along with the rest of us at Castle Ridge Keep.  We all look forward to watching Eme and AnnaBelle's progression. 

A big Thank you to everyone who has been following her story.




Thanks to the kind people who so generously gave money to June for Trivia's rehabilitation.